Conflict Style Inventory

This survey will help you determine your conflict style-- the way you usually deal with difficult situations. Think about each statement below and mark the answer that most closely represents how you would probably react. Be honest!

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1. Someone just told you your friend has been flirting with the person you’re dating. You would probably:

2. Your best friend has very strong opinions about a lot of things. Some of their comments make you really upset. You would probably:

3. Your friend broke one of your favorite things; now what do you do?

4. When you’re angry, people who get in your way are likely to:

5. It wasn’t your fault that you were late getting to school. But because you were late, you missed a test and the teacher has said there are no make-ups. You would probably:

6. If you were angry with someone and started thinking of ways to get even with that person, you would probably:

7. You’ve heard that someone you never liked much is going around the school telling lies about you. You would probably:

8. When you’re angry, you often feel like:

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