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COMMS Quiz #2

Knowledge quiz
Questions 5
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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You received an email with the candidate's professional ID verification form. Client preference is for communications to be made extranet viewable. Which of the following will you tag as extranet viewable?

In FreshDesk, if we received a sufficient response already, what status should we update the ticket into?

There are two documents that regardless of client's preference will be tagged as extranet viewable? What are these documents (you need to select two answers to get this correctly).

External Inbound Responses has a turnaround time of how many hours?

We received a sufficient response today, 13-MAR, for an employment instance. Upon updating the file, the appointment of the instance is set to 13-MAR, 10:00AM GMT. What date/time should we update the instance appointment to?

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