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Knowledge quiz
Questions 21
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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What is the missing word in the sentence: I have ____ studying?

I was thinking about it. This verb is in the...

My mother is my father's...

What is the name of the planet that we live?

Made of fabric and normally used to represent an entire country.

Can be planted in a garden.

Fill the gap: I don't like to __ to supermarket.

This water in 'S' format is a...?

This woman is...?

We use it to write... This is a...?

What is the name of this animal?

This is the flag of?

Read this Oscar Wilde's quote: "I can resist everything except temptation". The term "Except" can be replaced with...?

The colour of this flower is?

The last month of the year.

The day that you normally go to the Church...

What is the genre of this music?

Paris is the capital of which country?

What is the name of this object?

The average speed of this car is...

What is the name of this job?

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