Author: Sharmiladevi

Circuit Unravel- level 1

Knowledge quiz
Questions 25
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Hard
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At room temperature the current in an intrinsic semiconductor is due to ___________

What is the power in the given circuit?

What is the output waveform when the input is square wave?

What is the true power of a 24 Vac parallel RL circuit when R = 45 ohm and XL = 1100 ?

How long will it take the capacitor in the given circuit to discharge?

What term expresses the frequency of a rectangular wave?

What are the two main applications for ac?

If current varies periodically from zero to a maximum, back to zero, and then repeats, the signal is:

What does a hall effect sensor sense?

Once a DIAC is conducting, the only way to turn it off is with:

Junction Field Effect Transistors (JFET) contain how many diodes?

Which type of JFET bias requires a negative supply voltage?

What happens to the parallel output word in an asynchronous binary down counter whenever a clock pulse occurs?

How many storage locations are available when a memory device has twelve address lines?

Negative feeback added to an op-amp_____ the bandwidth and _____ the gain?

As current travels within a conductor:

What is hysteresis?

What will happen when an inductor's magnetic field collapses?

Permeability is the inverse equivalent of which electrical term?

The unit of flux density is known as ________

If the load in the given circuit is 120 kΩ , what is the loaded output voltage?

In the given circuit, what is RUNK equal to if RV must be adjusted to 1,232 Ω in order to balance the bridge?

What is the bandwidth in the given circuit. If the winding resistance of the coil is 12 Ω?

What is the current through the capacitor in the given circuit?

What is the current flow through R1, R2, and R3?

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