Chemistry Quiz 4

Was chemistry your favourite lesson at school? See what you remember with this quiz.

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Easy
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The Haber process is used to make what?

In chemistry, a molecular orbital describes the behaviour of a what?

In chemistry, what is the definition of oxidation?

In chemistry, the sharing of electron pairs between atoms is known as what?

HCN is the molecular formula for which compound?

Carbon triple bonded to oxygen forms which compound?

Ozone is made up of which element?

What is another name for a saturated hydrocarbon?

The Fischer-Tropsch process is used to synthesize what?

Petrol is made up of what sort of compounds?

CO2 is the chemical formula for which gas?

All substances are made up of what?

What is the charge on a proton?

Atoms have no overall what?

When atoms join together what do they form?

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