Chemistry Quiz 3

If you know your protons from electrons, try this tricky chemistry quiz.

Knowledge quiz
Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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What is the only metal that is naturally antibacterial?

Bakelite is an early form of what material?

What is the most abundant pure element in the Earth's atmosphere?

Heating a solid in a liquid until it becomes part of the liquid is called what?

Silicon dioxide is used in which of these products?

The lack of which gas is the general cause of yawning?

What is the poisonous gas that emanates from car exhausts?

Removing lumps from liquid by passing through paper or cheesecloth is called what?

What colour is the mineral beryl when it contains chromium?

What is the formula for hydrochloric acid?

Which gas is used to inflate party balloons?

Which of these is true of iron?

To apply heat to a solid in order to turn it into liquid is called what?

What colourless, odourless substance is the main constituent of natural gas?

Which scale measures the hardness of materials?

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