Chemistry Quiz 2

Get the bunsen burner out and see how you manage with this chemistry quiz.

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Questions 14
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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Compounds formed from metals and non-metals are known was what?

Compounds formed from non-metals are known as what?

The mass of the product in a chemical reaction always equal the mass of the what?

Which of these is a common building material?

What is limestone mainly composed of?

What is the chemical equation for calcium carbonate?

How can calcium carbonate be decomposed?

Which of these compounds can be used to neutralise acid?

Which of these can be used as a test for carbon dioxide?

Which of these building materials is damaged by acid rain?

Limestone heated with clay forms what substance?

If you mix cement and sand what do you make?

Naturally occurring rocks that provide a staring point for the manufacture of metals are known as what?

Which of these unreactive metals does not need to be extracted from compounds?

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