Find out if you're an expert on compounds and alloys with our chemistry quiz.

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Which gas makes up approximately 21% of air?

Eugene Houdry discovered a method of making lead-free what in 1970?

Sunscreen protects skin from what?

Which of these materials is less dense than water and so will float?

What is the softest mineral on the Mohs scale?

How many oxygen atoms are there in the chemical compound carbon dioxide?

The chemical element uranium was named after what planet?

The atomic number of an element is defined as the number of what?

What is the charge number of an element usually represented as?

What is the mass number of an element usually represented as?

Protons and neutrons have approximately the same what?

Atoms which the same atomic number but different neutron numbers are known as what?

Non-metals tend to form what kind of bonds?

A molecule that can act as an acid or a base is known as what?

A molecule with both a positive and a negative charge is known as a what?

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