Check Your Understanding: Types of Dementia

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A client has difficulty remembering physician appointments, gets lost easily during driving, and has started to call people they have known their entire lives by the wrong name. Which kind of dementia most likely does your client have?

People who have experienced a CVA are at a higher risk of developing which kind of dementia?

Your client suddenly has developed tremors and bradykinesia and talks about seeing a small dog in the corner of the room. You look in the corner and see nothing. You also notice their ability to follow 2 step commands varies day by day. Which kind of dementia would you suspect your client has developed?

What other category of conditions can Frontotemporal Dementia be misdiagnosed as?

Your client has been sent to the hospital with delirium. What should you expect upon their return?

Which of the following techniques can be used to decrease agitation?

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