chapter 15

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The muscle that originates on the spinous processes of T3 through T6 and inserts on the transverse processes of C1 through C3 is the

The muscle that originates on the iliac crest and inserts on the 12th rib and transverse processes of T12 to L5 is the

The trunk muscle that originates on the pubis and inserts on the costal cartilages of the fifth, sixth, and seventh ribs is the

Which muscle originates on the transverse processes of the cervical vertebra and inserts on the first and second ribs?

Which muscle originates on the transverse process of a vertebra and inserts on the spinous process of the vertebra above?

The quadratus lumborum is a prime mover in which of the following trunk motions?

The erector spinae are prime movers in which of the following motions?

Which cervical muscle, when contracted unilaterally, rotates the head to the opposite side?

All of the following muscles, when contracted unilaterally, will produce lateral bend of the spine EXCEPT the

The bony landmark of the vertebra that makes up the anterior portion of the neural arch is called the

The spinal ligament that runs posteriorly along the vertebral bodies inside the vertebral foramen is called the

The facet joints of the lumbar spine primarily run in which plane to allow good spinal flexion and extension?

The muscle of the cervical spine that is innervated by cranial nerve XI is the

The posteriorly located muscles that primarily serve to extend, laterally bend, and rotate the head are called the

Having a client bend the hips and knees to do sit-ups for abdominal strengthening instead of keeping the legs straight serves what purpose?

Which of the following is the best position to achieve eccentric strengthening of the trunk extensors?

Which is the best position and instruction for a scoliosis client to strengthen lateral benders of the right side of the trunk?

When you instruct a client in a “chin tuck” exercise, which of the following is occurring with the head muscles?

Which is the best instruction to most effectively stretch the left sternocleidomastoid muscle?

The trunk muscle whose primary function is compression of abdominal contents is the

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