chapter 14

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The muscle that originates on the spinous processes of T3 through T6 and inserts on the transverse processes of C1 through C3 is the

Which muscle originates on the lateral pterygoid plate of the sphenoid and tuberosity of the maxilla and inserts on the ramus and angle of the mandible?

Which muscle originates on the styloid process of the temporal bone and inserts on the hyoid bone?

All of the following muscles are prime movers in mandibular elevation EXCEPT the

Protraction is primarily achieved by which of the following muscles?

Which prime movers of the TMJ are innervated by the facial nerve?

The bony landmark of the mandible that forms the posterior projection that articulates with the temporal bone is called the

The bony landmark of the temporal bone that serves as the attachment for the masseter muscle is called the

Clenching the teeth is an ISOM contraction of which muscle?

Normal ROM for mouth opening in an adult would be which of the following?

The TMJ motion named for opening of the mouth is which of the following?

Which cranial nerve is involved if your client has sensory loss to the face?

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