Celebrity Quiz 5

They live the lives we dream of, but can you answer this quiz about the famous celebrities?

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Steve Irwin was better known by what TV moniker?

Tennis player Rafael Nadal is a native of which country?

The actor Jason Statham is from which country?

The British model Cara Delevingne was born in which year?

The British version of the TV show 'The Office' was written by Ricky Gervais and who?

The Secret' is a fragrance by which celebrity?

The singer-songwriter Lorde is from which country?

Thor' star Chris Hemsworth has a famous brother named what?

What is actor Ryan Reynolds' middle name?

What is the name of Cheryl Cole's debut solo single?

What is the name of Prince William and Princess Kate's first son?

What is the name of singer Lily Allen's actor dad?

What is the name of Vanessa Lachey's son that was born in 2012?

What is Victoria Beckham's maiden name?

What nationality is Piers Morgan?

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