Cause of Fire Hazards

Negligence at Work place/Site cause Fire Hazards

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Replace power strip electrical cords when...

Which of these risks is associated with electricity?

What is the proper way to unplug your electrical appliances from a power strip?

Which one of these would require that a device is replaced or repaired?

Is it safe to run an extension cord under a carpet or along a baseboard for permanent use?

What's the point of grounding?

If a friend receives a severe electric shock from an electrical appliance in your home, what should your first response be?

You are more likely to experience an electric shock if you touch an electrical object with wet hands.

Any tools used around electricity should have what kind of handle?

Candles are dangerous because..

Do you know the minimum amount of clear working space needed in front of an electrical panel?

If you are doing a work on hoarding and there are power lines nearby, how much space should there be between you and the power lines in order for you to stay safe?

How often should you inspect an extension cord?

It is dangerous to keep paper, wood , clothes and oil near the Welding machine.

What shouldn't be stored near electrical panels?

If you're servicing an appliance, what's the first thing you need to do?

What kind of jewelry is safe to wear when doing electrical work?

What kind of tape can be used to repair an extension cord with split insulation?

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