Cars Quiz 4

Think you know your Toyota from your Volvo? Find out here.

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What is a station wagon called in the UK?

What is MG short for?

What is the maximum speed limit on a California freeway?

What is the most recycled product in the world?

What is the name of the lowest street legal car?

What is the President's armor plated car known as?

What is the smallest model made by Ford?

What part of the engine needs water to operate properly?

What was the first official White House car?

What was the original color of the double R badges on Rolls Royces?

What would you check with a dipstick?

When did airbags first appear in cars in the USA?

Where is there an auto show held every January?

Which 1980's model had the biggest hood Ford ever produced?

Which automaker had a Star of David on its badge?

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