Cars Quiz 3

Think you know all about different makes and models of cars? Try this and find out.

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Easy
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A black horse is the logo of which car company?

Subaru is a car company from which country?

The 1953 Corvette came only in what color?

The 205 and 206 are models from which manufacturer?

The 3 series sports sedan is made by who?

The bit of a car with all the lights and dials is called the what?

The country that has the most Rolls Royce per capita is?

The Discovery is a model from which manufacturer?

The eco-friendly Leaf is made by who?

The Escort is a model from which manufacturer?

The first 3 color traffic lights in the world were in which city?

The gas guzzling super car from AM General is the?

The last Hummer was produced In what year?

The most famous Pontiac model was the what?

The most popular 3 wheeled car is history was what?

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