Cars Quiz 2

Put your knowledge of cars well and truly to the test.

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Which car is generally considered to be the first convertible?

Which car maker started as German but became French after WWI?

Which car manufacturer makes the Fiesta?

Which city was the traditional home of the USA automobile industry?

Which classic car featured heavily in the movie 'The Italian Job'?

Which color traffic light means go?

Which company invented the hydraulic suspension?

Which company manufactured the world's first pick up trucks?

Which company opened America's first drive in gas station?

Which forward thinking car company was founded in 2003?

Which gear should you be in to go backwards?

Which Italian car manufacturer also makes Formula 1 cars?

Which letter was part of the name of an iconic model by Ford?

Which luxury brand of car did James Bond drive?

Which luxury car maker started life as Swallow Sidecars, or SS?

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