Capital Cities Quiz 3

How familiar are you with the world's capital cities? Take this test and find out.

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Hard
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Ottawa is the capital of Canada but how many cities are bigger than it in Canada?

The Tivoli Gardens are located in which capital city?

How many Scandinavian cities have a greater population that Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark?

The city of Bangkok dates back to which century?

Bangkok is located in which part of Thailand?

Which capital city is located on the Vistula River?

If someone refers to the " Pearl of Danube", which capital city are they referring to?

Which capital city stretches across the Amager islands?

Which city is the world's southernmost capital city of a sovereign state?

The Ellioa River runs through which capital city?

Canberra is the capital of Australia, but how many cities are larger in Australia?

Which capital city is referred to as the "phoenix city"?

In which year was Canberra chosen to be the capital of Australia?

The Roman City of Aquincum can be found in which capital city?

Which of these capital cities is in South America?

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