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Watch the video carefully

What is the eyes color shown in the video?

Who produces the series?

What color Sabrina wears the most?

What is the Spellman family business?

Harvey is always wearing a..?

What's aunt Hilda favorite animal?

Rosalind has problems with her...?

How many weird sisters Prudence has?

What characterizes the Dark Lord?

What is the cover of the book Father Blackwood is holding?

Who was the first woman on earth?

What is besides the Spellman's house?

What color does Sabrina's hair change after signing her name on the book of the beast?

The series is based upon which publisher comics?

What extraculicular activity is Sabrina part of?

What is the name of Greendale highschool?

Somewhere there was a...?

What animal did you see the most?

Who is the principal of Baxter High?

What creatures are "Familiars"?

What creature is Sabrina's familiar?

Which one of Sabrina's parents is a witch?

Who gives Sabrina a blood curse?

What do witches celebrate in November?

Who is chosen for the feast of feasts?

Who unlocked the archeron configuration?

How was Batty-Bat caught?

What is Luke's phone number?

How many children does Father Blackwood has?

What creature does Aunt Hilda turned into?

Who is the herald of hell?

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