Canopy Quiz 3

The one all about our REACH titles!

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Hard
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Trinity Mirror merged with which other publisher in 2019 to form "Reach"

Reach is the largest regional publisher in the UK - True or False

There are 2 magazines in the Reach portfolio. Ok! is one. What is the name of the other?

How many regional titles can we run inserts into - within the Reach portfolio?

What is the name of Reach's flagship Daily Regional Title for Liverpool

We can run inserts into ALL of Reach's regional titles - True or False?

Saturday Mag is the name for the Daily Express Supplement on Saturday. What is the Sunday Express supplement called?

Reach is one of our CAEN publishing partners - True or False

Reach has two national titles in Scotland. Daily Record is one. What is the name of the other?

What is the commercial department for Reach called?

A client wants to run inserts in Ireland - is this something we can offer?

A client wants to book the Daily Mirror for inserts. Which other title should you recommend to ensure maximum coverage of Scotland?

Can we run inserts into the Sunday Mirror Newspaper?

Which online tool can tell you which regional title covers a particular area?

Reach's biggest circulating regional title covers which City?

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