Canopy Quiz 2

All about our fab new Canopy Proposition - CAEN!

Knowledge quiz
Questions 14
Criteria 90% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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What does CAEN stand for?

What is programmatic advertising?

What is CAEN?

What is the Canopy Digital Garden?

Which of Canopy's publishing partners are included in the Digital Garden?

What is the name of our programmatic digital partner?

Are we able to access further digital programmatic opportunties through our programmatic partner?

What is the multiplier affect on brand health measures - if clients advertise with digital in the same brand as print?

CAEN uses the same AUDIENCE FIRST approach that we take with our print publications. What does this mean?

Which of these are targeting methods available with CAEN?

What does IAB stand for?

What format does the digital insert take?

How many formats can we offer with CAEN?

Google's industry standard CTR is 0.05% - what is the benchmark for CAEN?

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