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How well do you know our publishers and titles?

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Questions 17
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Difficulty Normal
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Which publisher owns Baking Heaven?

What is the name of the Guardian's Saturday supplement?

Which publisher has the most regional titles in Norwich?

Who publishes a magazine about Kew Gardens?

Who Publishes Inside Soap

Which Hearst title provides tools and inspiration for keen runners?

Which days of the week does the Daily Mirror run inserts?

What is the current print run for What's on TV?

Which title is described as follows: A beautifully presented magazine that covers music, food, art and focuses on creativity

Which publisher managed by Canopy, has a wedding title we can run inserts into?

What is the agency commission given to eligible agencies for Regional Press?

What is the Sunday Telegraph Magazine called?

Which publisher has a title dedicated to Mountain biking - abbreviated to MBR?

What is the name of the Kelsey title in the Canopy Portfolio?

How many REGIONAL press titles do we look after that cover the Teeside area?

What interest does OFM editorial cover?

Which Anthem monthly title caters for people passionate about all things Italian or from Italy?

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