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An angel clothed in intense light brought the word "Luli" from God to the Founder. What does this word mean?

On which date was CCC established on Earth?

Where is the Supreme Headquarters of CCC located?

How many years did the Founder lead the church?

Where was CCC registered as a corporate body?

Through whom did the name "Celestial Church of Christ" come by divine revelation?

In what church was the Founder born?

How many individuals form the Board Of Trustees of CCC (Nigeria Diocese)?

Who was the first person the Founder healed?

Who does the CCC Constitution refer to as "the first prophet of the church"?

On what occasion did the Founder meet Mary, mother of Jesus?

What was the occupation of the men who introduced CCC into Lagos?

For the first five years of the church's establishment, the Founder was addressed by what title?

How long did the Founder wander in the forest?

How old was the child through which CCC Hymn 229 was divinely received?

In what year did Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself first visit the Founder?

To conform with the revelation made by The Holy Spirit, the alter area within all church buildings of CCC shall be rectangular in shape and shall face which compass direction?

CCC received a divine injunction not to use wine for Holy Communion. What are the ingredients to be used instead?

What is the name of the metal ringed pouch with a handle and a socket for a candle to be used for collection at services?

The CCC Order of Service, as revealed, contains certain Holy Names which usually precede reading from the books of Psalms. What does "Eh-Yibah" mean?

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