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A child comes into the burn center with a thermal burn. The child's entire hand and wrist is covered in the burn (palmar and dorsal) and there is a straight line where the burn ends across the wrist. The family states the child accidentally dumped a pot of boiling water on themselves. What would be your first step?

Which of the following would be considered part of early mobilization in burn rehab?

Which of the following symptoms would you expect to see following an electrical burn, in addition to the entry and exit wound?

An adult client comes in with a chemical burn. You determine their R leg, R arm, and R half of the chest have been impacted by the burn. What total body surface area has been impacted?

Your client has a burn that involves blisters, but no broken skin. The burn does not go past a shallow layer of the dermis and epidermis. What level burn does your client have?

Which of the following positions is not indicated for a recovering patient with burns?

How many hours a day does someone need to wear pressure garments to reduce burn scars?

Your client is POD5 (post-op dressing day 5). Which of the following interventions would be appropriate at this stage?

What is not the purpose of wrapping with an ACE bandage during the early mobilitzation phase of burn recovery?

Which of the following splinting positions would be appropriate for someone who experienced a deep partial thickness burn on their hand, affecting all digits dorsally?

Which of the following is a suggestion to deal with patient pain during a treatment session?

When doing therapeutic exercise with a patient post a burn in the inpatient rehabilitation phase, which of the following precautions should you take? Assume the patient has been cleared for this activity.

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