British prime ministers

If politics interests you and you know about British Prime Ministers, this is the quiz for you.

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Who was caretaker Labour Party leader between John Smith and Tony Blair?

Which actor shares his surname with two former Prime Ministers of Britain?

Up to and including David Cameron, how many British Prime Ministers have been only children?

What name is given to the group of ministers selected by the UK Prime Minister to form the government?

How many British Prime Ministers have been assassinated?

From the end of World War II to 2000, which European country had some 34 Prime Ministers?

Which of these Prime Ministers was a Tory?

As of 2010, how many British Prime Ministers have been born in Scotland?

How many British Prime Ministers have been born outside of the UK?

How many different British Prime Ministers served during Queen Victoria's reign?

What is the name of Tony Blair's wife?

To which political party did UK Prime Minister Tony Blair belong?

Who did Tony Blair replace as Labour leader?

Which of these British prime ministers served during World War I?

How many prime ministers have served under the present Queen of England (until 2011)?

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