Breaking Bad Quiz 2

What do you know about the teacher turned drug dealer in Breaking Bad?

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Easy
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What famous scientist's last name becomes Walter White's drug dealer name?

Who is credited with creating the series "Breaking Bad"?

Walter's brother-in-law Hank Schrader works for what law enforcement agency?

What's the name of the fast food franchise run by drug kingpin Gus Fring as a front?

Who let Jesse's conniving girlfriend Jane Margolis die while she slept?

What car wash does Walter White work at and eventually buy as a front?

Who shoots and kills the boy during the train heist in the final season?

What comedian played Saul's henchman Patrick Kuby?

What network aired "Breaking Bad"?

Who creates to raise money for Walter's cancer treatments?

Drug dealer Brandon Mayhew is better known by what nickname?

What vehicle do Walter and Jesse make meth during the show's first season?

What character had a problem with kleptomania?

What is Agent Steve Gomez's nickname?

Who played Marie Schrader?

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