Breaking Bad

Questions about all five seasons of the hit TV show Breaking Bad.

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What is the name of Walter White's infant daughter?

What kind of poison does Walter White put in Lydia Rodarte-Quayle's tea in the final episode?

Who was the original owner of the car wash that Walter works at and buys later in the series?

Who starts having an affair with Skyler White in the second season?

What does Walter White buy to help him remember where he buried his money in the final season?

What does Walter find in his swimming pool filter after the airplane collision over his house?

What character did actor Danny Trejo play in Season 2?

Whose severed head did the Juarez Cartel place on a tortoise shell in Season 2?

How old is Walter White in the very first episode of the series?

How old is Walter White at the end of the series?

What drug dealer does Jesse take a sample of Walt's first batch to in Season 1?

How do Jesse and Walt determine who will dissolve Emilio's body ?

How did Marie get the baby tiara for Skyler's baby shower?

Who replaces the drug dealer Krazy-8 after he died in Season 1?

What henchmen does Tuco kill for speaking out of turn at the start of Season 2?

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