Birds Quiz 3

If you know that an ornithologist is a bird expert, this is the quiz for you.

Knowledge quiz
Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Hard
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Rock, Stock, Collared and Turtle are all varieties of which bird?

Since what year is the dodo said to have been extinct?

The kiwi bird is native to which country?

The Nukupu'u bird is indigenous to where?

The rockhopper penguin nests at how many feet above sea level?

The travelling of birds from one are to another is known as?

The wild turkey was recognised as a state bird In what year?

The windhawk is another name for which bird of prey?

There are approximately how many different species of birds?

To what depths can an emperor penguin dive?

What are newly hatched pigeons fed during their first few days?

What bird boasts the biggest eyes of any land animal?

What bird has the scientific name struthio camelus, meaning sparrow camel?

What birds were traditionally used as gas detectors in coal mines?

What characteristic makes birds unique?

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