Birds Quiz 2

How much do you know about our bird feathered friends?

Knowledge quiz
Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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A duck is associated with which noise?

A flamingo is what colour?

A gizzard is what part of a bird?

A rhea is native to which continent?

A trumpeter swan has what coloured beak?

Approximately how many species of bird live in USA and Canada?

At 11ft 11in, which bird has the largest recorded wingspan?

At what age do the young usually fly?

At what speed can some penguins swim?

Averaging 18cm long and with the scientific name Coturnix coturnix, what is Europe's smallest gamebird?

Bewick's, Mute and Whooper are all types of which bird?

Can a penguin breathe underwater?

Chicken, turkey and pheasant are few of the birds which make up which order?

Daffy who is a bird from the Loony Toons?

Eagles, falcons and vultures are birds of what?

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