Biology Quiz 3

If you're an expert in the science of living things, this biology quiz should be right up your street.

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In human biology the smallest bone is the stirrup found in the ear. What is it similar in size to?

In human biology, how wide is the spinal cord?

In human biology, which disease is diagnosed using the McDonald criteria?

In human biology, which joint allows the greatest amount of movement in all directions?

In human biology, after exercise, what happens to a person's metabolic rate?

What name is given to the branch of biology which deals with the mechanics of inheritance?

In biology, which of these is a disease carrying micro-organism?

In human biology, what do melanin and carotene determine?

In human biology, how long on average does it take a fingernail to grow 1mm?

In human biology, how many hairs does the average person lose from their head each day?

In biology, what name is given to the junction between two neurones?

In human biology, what is the opposite of 'haemostasis'?

What is the field of biology that deals with the relationships between organisms?

In biology, which of these creatures is classed as an amphibian?

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