Biology is the science of living things, but do you know enough for this quiz?

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The energy used by most living beings on the earth to feed, move, and reproduce all comes from what original source?

Stingultus is a technical name for what?

Apache and Inca Dawn are varieties of what?

What colour is the zest of a lemon?

How does ginger grow?

What was the first organisms genetically engineered in 1973?

The first complete DNA genome sequenced in 1977 was that of a what?

Cinnamon sticks are from what part of the tree?

What colour are dried vanilla pods?

What is the name of a scientist who studies plants?

What colour is the skin of a kiwifruit?

A whole garlic is made up of what?

Which of these is the correct name for a type of peach?

Which E is a type of heather?

A halibut is a type of what?

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