Author: John Roach

Beer Quiz 1

Beer related trivia

Knowledge quiz
Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Hard
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How many Calories in Saint Archer Gold?

How many animated animals are in the commercial?

How many gallons in a half barrel?

What style beer is Blue Moon?

Who Chugged beers and sang songs on the Man Show?

Crystal clear beer is an indication of what

Who is the Patron Saint of Brewing?

When the monks in the Middle Ages fasted, they were still allowed to drink beverages. And their favorite??…beer of course! What was the legal amount of beer each monk was allowed to drink a day?

In ancient Egypt, how was beer used in constructing the Great Pyramids of Giza? In fact, without it, the Pyramids would not have been built. Was it used to….

As all the brewers here know, a great deal of chemistry and biology goes into brewing a good beer. What is the terminology of the study of fermentation?

Beer that goes bad can ruin a party. Fortunately, science can help you prevent such disasters. Though many people blame age or prolonged refrigeration for a bad beer’s “skunked” taste, what is the actual cause of a spoiled brew?

Chicha is a traditional Peruvian corn beer that is said to date back to Incan times. Its secret ingredient is extremely strange:

Did you know that beer is actually good for the bones? Seriously, while beer is not likely to qualify as a health food anytime soon, it does contain at least one ingredient that’s good for you. Name that ingredient….is it

How many different ways of transporting beer can you think of? Bottles…glass…cans…kegs. Well in China, what unique way can you buy and transport beer?

Which is not a style of beer:

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