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Which band member got the group in trouble when he said in an interview that they were "more popular than Jesus"?

Which band member grew up near a place called Strawberry Fields in Liverpool?

Paul McCartney sang the theme song for which James Bond film?

John Lennon was on the cover of the first ever issue of what magazine?

What Beatles song was also the title of their famous film?

What did John Lennon change his middle name to when he married Yoko Ono?

What is the Beatles' famous nickname?

What is the name of the Beatles' first album?

What kind of car sits just behind George Harrison on the band's famed "Abbey Road" album cover?

What label did the Beatles sign with in 1962?

What magazine branded The Beatles the best artists of all time in 2004?

How many children did George Harrison have?

How many children did John Lennon have?

What record label did the Beatles create in 1968?

What role did Brian Epstein play in the history of the Beatles?

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