Call yourself an NBA fan, well now you can prove it!

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Kobe Bryant has played for who all his NBA career?

Basketball is generally played on what?

Each team is allowed how many players on the court during play?

How does a basketball game start?

How many minutes makes up a quarter?

How many points are awarded for a 'slam dunk'?

How many points are awarded for netting each free throw?

If a player is fouled and his shot goes in how many free throws are they awarded?

In 2014, which team did LeBron James leave to join his former team the Cleveland Cavaliers?

LeBron James has played for the Cleveland Cavaliers on how many separate occasions?

Magic Johnson spent how many years of his 17 year NBA career at La Lakers?

Michael Jordan has which shirt number retired?

Michael Jordan played the majority of his NBA career for who?

Michael Jordan took a brief retirement from basketball to pursue which sport?

Shots netted outside the semi-circle are worth how many points?

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