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How many sectors does BAE Systems Inc have?

Who is one of BAE Systems Inc's biggest competitors?

What does the acronym OSI stand for?

There are over 30,000 BAE Systems Employees in the U.S.

How many states does BAE Systems Inc operate in?

BAE Systems Inc has a location in Oregon.

What does the acronym SSA stand for?

BAE Systems has taken part in Super Bowl security measures.

Is the LEAP acronym different for each sector?

Our internship & co-op program has been branded "LEAP" for over 10 years.

What seasons do we run our LEAP internship & co-op program?

What are ways to discover future opportunities with us?

How can you connect with students outside of work?

As a LEAP Participant, you are contributing to real world projects.

Is BAE Systems a great company to work for?

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