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The wingspan of a 747 is greater than the length of a space shuttle orbiter vehicle

The first crash involving a 747 occurred when Lufthansa Flight 540 went down in which African capital city?

In 1990, the US Air Force took delivery of two specially modified 747-200s to be used primarily as VIP transport aircraft. What designation was given to these special 747s?

NASA used 747s as ferries for their fleet of space shuttle orbiters. The first such aircraft, N9095NA, was originally owned by which commercial airline?

First flown in 1974, modified 747-200s were used by the US Air Force to act as emergency airborne command posts for the president and other members of government. By what unofficial nickname were these aircraft known?

The 747 has played an integral part in a number of movies over the years. In which movie, however, was the 747 not featured?

The very first 747, known as The City of Everett, has been on regular display at which of the following aviation museums in the USA?

Although the 747 made its maiden flight on February 1969, it didn't go into service until January 1970. Which airline had the distinction of flying the 747 on its first commercial flight?

The 747-400 was touted as the fastest subsonic commercial airliner in service. How fast could the 747-400 travel at its typical cruising altitude of 35,000 ft (10,668m)?

The US Tri-Service aircraft designation system began in 1962, so forget anything before 1960. We'll stick with basic missions and a few mission modifiers. There's an old aviator saying: "fighter (F) pilots make movies; bomber (B) pilots make history!" The venerable B-52 Stratofortress has been making history for the last six DECADES. What's a B-52?

The well known C-130 named "Fat Albert" is the support aircraft for the Navy's famous "Blue Angels", and carries supplies, parts, and maintenance crew for the air show. What is Albert's basic mission?

The A-10 Warthog (oops - pardon me - Thunderbolt II) is much beloved by friendlies on the ground. What's an A-10's primary mission?

The P-3 Orion has been on Navy duty since about 1960. It's almost as long-lived as the venerable B-52. Too big to land on a ship, this 4 turbo-propped beast returns to a shore runway after flights of 10-14 hours. It's primary mission is what

That scrappy little F-16 has been flying across the Atlantic for hours, and is eager for a rendezvous with a KC-135. What's an F-16 and what's a KC-135, respectively? Get both correct (and in the right order) to win.

In the "good old days", before the demise of the USSR, a forward deployed carrier battle group (CVBG) would launch S-3 Vikings to sniff around. Based on their designator, what would Vikings be primarily be sniffing for

The US Marine AV-8 Harrier jump jet is carried on board the larger amphibious warfare ships ships of the Navy. We know the V indicates V/STOL capability, but what does the A show?

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