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Audley Villages Quiz (No. 3)

Can you name the first James Bond film? Or what about countries with a land border with Panama? Test your general knowledge in the next of our quiz series.

Knowledge quiz
Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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1. How many years are celebrated in a golden wedding anniversary?

2. Who played the character ‘Dot Cotton’ in EastEnders?

3. What was the name of the first James Bond film released in 1962?

4. Which band had a hit song called ‘Hotel California’ in 1976?

5. Which football team plays their home matches at ‘The Stadium of Light’?

6. Which of these countries does not have a land border with Panama?

7. Which author wrote the dystopian novel ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’?

8. How many keys are there on a standard modern piano?

9. In which year was the Berlin Wall demolished?

10. Which of these former US presidents does not have an airport named after them?

11. Which actress did the singer Robbie Williams duet with in the 2001 song ‘Somethin’ Stupid’?

12. In which ocean is the island of Madagascar located?

13. How many Oscars did the 1997 film Titanic win?

14. The automotive company Mazda originates from which country?

15. Which month did the band ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’ sing about in 1978?

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