Author: Caitlin Kerr

Audley General Knowledge Quiz

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Normal
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Which soft drink was born in 1982?

How many times has France won the FIFA World Cup?

Which planet has the most gravity?

Which country became the first in the world to have a female Prime Minister?

What was the original last name George Lucas came up with for Indiana Jones?

How many hearts does an octopus have?

What did Queen Anne of Great Britain (b. 1665) die of?

In what century was the last time a wolf was believed to be seen in the UK?

In which city did the first pizzeria open in 1830?

Which animal has the most mentions in the bible?

What is the largest island in the Caribbean sea?

Where would you find the Sea of Tranquility?

What city am I in? St Mark’s Square, Doge’s Palace, The Blue Lagoon

What city am I in? Robben Island, Dyks Bay, Table Mountain

What city am I in? Little Venice, Kyoto Gardens, Elizabeth Tower

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