Astromony Quiz 6

Like to think you know about stars, planets and astronomy in general? Find out here.

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Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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Which of these is a type of star?

The supernova of 1604 was studied by and named after which scientist?

The Crab Nebula seen in 1952 is in which constellation?

High energy radiation that mainly originates from outside the solar system is known as what?

Which of these is a space telescope launched in 2008?

Star release energy via which process?

When dust and gas is pulled together by gravitational attraction what is formed?

Stars go through a life that is determined by their what?

During the main period of a stars life cycle it is stable because the forces within it are what?

Supernovas can produce a black hole and what else?

Which of these is a final stage in a stars life cycle?

All naturally occurring elements are produced by which process?

All elements lighter than iron are formed where?

Elements heavier than iron are formed by what?

Which of these stars is bigger than the sun?

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