Astromony Quiz 2

Will the stars align for you with this quiz?

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Normal
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Which of these can't you do on the moon?

What nationality was the astronaut Helen Sharmen?

In which year was the Hubble Space Telescope launched?

Houston, we have a problem' was the famous line spoken by the Commander of which aborted U.S. space flight?

Which of these might you find in space?

In which year was the last and longest manned landing on the moon?

Approximately how many billion years old is the universe?

What was the name of the 363ft high rocket which launched the Apollo space missions?

Launched in 1981, what was the name of the first US Space Shuttle to take off?

Which term means related to the moon?

What nationality was the first man in space?

Who was the astronaut, now an American Senator who found himself out of this world in February 1962?

What name is given to any small celestial body which orbits a larger one?

How long is Saturtian day?

Zenography is the study of which planet?

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