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A contractor is asked to participate in the ICRA process. Which of the following documents provides information about the make-up of the team involved in this process?

PDC Process - Regulatory Environment

According to NFPA 99-2012 to which branch of the essential electrical system are the medical gas alarm panels connected?

PDC Process - Electrical Systems

In accordance with ILSM (Interim Life Safety Measures), when temporary fire alarm and detection systems are provided, how often must they be tested?

Health Care Facility Safety

Your estimates are over budget. The owner has expressed a desire to reduce the cost by eliminating the central energy plant and replacing the chillers with Dx (direct expansion) units. Other than energy efficiency, what other variables should be included in this discussion?

Financial Stewardship

A 14' x 10'x 10' inpatient PE (Protective Environment) room has the following air flow measurements at the diffusers:: SA1 = 250 CFM, SA2 = 50 CFM, - 12.9 ACH EA1 = 150 CFM, EA2 = 50 CFM, - 8.6 ACH

PDC Process - HVAC Systems

The emergency PA system has just announced a Code Blue in the area in which you are working. What is your best course of action?

Health Care Facility Safety

A multi-phase project will require you to alter egress patterns for several units, the ICU, TCU, and MICU. In some instances, required exits will lead to an active construction site. What ILSMs are most appropriate?

Health Care Facility Safety

Which of the following should not be included in a captial budget for replacement of a central chiller?

Financial Stewardship

An 02 (oxygen) project requires that the piped gas system be shut down and 02 (oxygen) supplied by portable cylinders. A storage area has been set aside for cylinders. According to NFPA 99-2012, what is the maximum number of E-cylinders (23.5 cu. ft. per cylinder) that can be stored on the unit?

PDC Process - Medical Gas

A renovation project is underway on a nursing unit. The egress corridor is 10'-6" wide with 20" WOWs in the corridor and ABHR dispensers that project 4" into the corridor. How much of the corridor width can be used to store construction supplies?

Health Care Facility Safety

Which of the following is the proper tubing to install in a hospital Category I oxygen system?

PDC Process - Medical Gas

As you arrive at work, you are notified that the hospital has implemented their EOP (Emergency Operations Plan) overnight. As the project manager, which statement best describes the steps that you should take in order of priority?

Health Care Facility Safety

In which of the following stages of a construction project is an infection control risk assessment best initiated?

PDC Process

Which 1996 Acts of Congress requires that patient information remain confidential?

Health Care Industry Fundermentals

Based on the following information, which building is the lowest priority for replacement?

PDC Process

A smoke compartment of a hospital built in 1988 is approximately 125' x 150'. As part of an energy efficiency project, you will be replacing all HVAC components including VAV's and ductwork. Which is the most likely?

Which of the following could be included in an ICRMR? Infection Control Risk Mitigation Recommendation

As part of an OR expansion project, the SPD (Steril Processing Department) will be replacing 2 existing sterilizers and installing 2 new sterilizers. Which of the following schedules provides the least disruption?

An HVA (Hazard Vulnerability Analysis) is used by the hospital to..

Before beginning work in a BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant), you are asked to verify room pressures with a smoke generator. Standing on the corridor side of the door to a patient room, which way should the smoke trail flow?

Which of the following is the most likely source of Legionella bacterium in a hospital setting?

NIOSH recommends an 8hour time-weighted average noise exposure limit of 85dBA with a 3dBA exchange rate. The ambient sound pressure in a mechanical room averages 94dBa. How long can construction workers work in this area safely without hearing protection?

Which of the following offers the best chronological order for a hospital construction project?

You arrive on site and are told TJC is there for an inspection. How can you best assist the hospital during this time?

You current project is in L&D, next to the NICU, and taking place over the hospital's BMT. Your next phase calls for the demolition of a portion of the floor slab. Which statement best describes the risks?

AS part of a central plant upgrade, the hospital system is providing the chillers purchased through a group purchasing agreement. Which of the following are the most critical issues?

A newly acquired, 25 year old MOB has $225,000 is deferred maintenance and you estimate another $300,000 will be required to add the new service desired by the owner. A replacement structure will cost $1.5 million. What is the building's FCI?

During a site inspection for a project, you notice a dumb waiter used to transport supplies and medications well within the construction zone. What actions should you take?

A planned expansion will result in the folllowing arrangement of exits: - 12 exit stairs opening directly to the outdoors - 4 exits through 2 hr rated walls to adjacent occupancies - 6 horizontal exits. According to NFPA 101-2012, this arrangement....

The door in a 2 hour fire-barrier is required to have a rating of:

Which of the following distinguishes a capital expense from an operational expense?

Ventilation in an operating room typically has..

While working on a hospital project, you witness an underground oil tank that has been ruptured during excavation. What is your best course of action after ensuring the immediate safety of those in the area?

Which of the following types of facilities must maintain operations 24-hours a day?

A renovation project includes replacing casework in a hospital pharmacy. The pharmacy cannot be relocated while this work is taking place. Which of the following would be the best measures to implement?

You are developing plans to renovate an existing Nursing unit. The project will last approximately 3 months and will require that the automatic fire alarm system be removed and replaced. Which approach best meets ILSM requirements?

Which of the following is not part of the means of egress?

An existing hospital is going to gut and rebuild the entire 4th floor, which houses 2 medical-surgical nursing units. It is roughly 150' x 400'. How many smoke compartments are required on this floor to ensure compliance to NFPA 101-2012?

When planing the installation of a new access control system for the ICU, of the following, which would be the most important item to address?

Which of the following are all elements of a capital budget?

A university teaching hospital is planning a renovation of PACU. When preparing a phasing plan, which is most important to plan around the ratio to PACU beds?

Based on the following information, which building has the highest priority for replacement?

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