Art Quiz 8

Whatever your art preference, there's something in this quiz to suit.

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Normal
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Whaam! was a work by which artist?

What is the first name of the artist Picasso?

When did 'abstract art' become common?

Where was the artists group Les Automatistes formed?

Which 20th century artist had a talent for growing elaborate moustaches?

Which artist famously said 'A line is a dot that went for a walk'?

Which artist produced the famous Marilyn Monroe prints in different colors?

Which artist was famous for horse paintings?

Which artist was portrayed by John Leguizamo in Moulin Rouge?

Which Beatles wife was associated with the 1960s "Flux" art movement?

Which C is the first name of the French artist Pissarro?

Which French impressionist painted Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette in 1876?

Which of these artists died in the 20th century?

Which of these is a famous British artist?

Which P is the first name of the artist Mondrian?

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