Art Quiz 6

Fine art, modern art, conceptual art - find out just how much you actually know.

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Easy
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Rembrandt was what nationality?

The Blue Danube is a waltz by which composer?

The opera on which hit musical Rent is based in called what?

The theatrical district of New York has which name?

Tosca is a famous.....?

What is the longest running play in the West End?

What is the name of the annual arts festival in Edinburgh?

What nationality was Mozart?

Where does a series of summer operatic performances take place?

Where is the world's largest arts event held?

Which animated movie was a smash hit in 2012/14?

Which of the arts did Jackson Pollock excel in?

Which of the following is a bestselling book trilogy?

Which of the following is a famous ballet?

Which of the following is an arts venue in New York?

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