Art Quiz 5

Artists, paintings and art works - questions on every aspect of art.

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Easy
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The Little Mermaid statue sits in the harbour of which city?

The Merry Wives of Windsor is a play written by who?

The name of a master illusionist is?

The southern playwright is Tennessee......?

The word architecture comes from which language?

The word literature comes from which language?

Traditional stories pertaining to specific countries are called what?

What is the name of the famous sculpture by Alexandros of Antioch?

What is the popular term for stage makeup?

What is the process of architecture that deals with appearance?

What kind of annual festival is held in New Brunswick?

Which dramatic dance hails from Argentina?

Which Italian city is synonymous with glassware?

Which of the following is a common element of music?

Which of the following is a famous name in ceramic?

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