Art Quiz 3

Art is a great way ro relax and express yourself - how much do you know about it?

Knowledge quiz
Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Hard
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On which Cathedral would you find Correggio's "Assumption of the Virgin"?

The Ambassadors is a famous work by which artist?

Who is this painter who is famous for the Early Renaissance?

Who is this artist who is famous for his water color paintings?

The Gleaners is a famous work by which artist?

Who is this famous painter whose first name was John?

The Judgement of Paris is a famous work by which artist?

The Last Judgement is a famous work by which artist?

Can you name this Dutch Golden Age painter?

The Medici family were famously the patron of which artist?

The Term "Impressionism" comes from a work by which painter?

The US WW1 recruitment poster "I Want You" was designed by which artist?

Theo Van Doesburg was born which what first name?

Three Flags is a famous work by which artist?

Tintoretto had the nickname Little _____ ?

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