Are you a Mewer?

Knowledge quiz
Questions 33
Criteria 80% to pass
Difficulty Hard
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A. Breathing

1. Do you seal your lips comfortably?

2. Do you rest your chin on your hand?

3. Do you breathe through your nose during the day?

4. Do you breathe through your nose during exercise?

5. Do you breathe through your nose during sleep?

B. Posture

6. Do you practice Mckenzie chin tuck as an attempt to fix your posture?

7. Do you sleep on on your back with a pillow? (Select all correct answers)

C. Tongue Position

8. Do you practice tongue chewing?

9. Do you rest your tongue behind your teeth during the day?

10. Do you rest your entire tongue on the palate during the day?

11. Do you make sure that your tongue rests behind your teeth during sleep?

12. Do you make sure that your entire tongue rest on the palate during sleep?

13. Can you hear a click sound when you quickly open your mouth or lower your tongue?

14. Do you clench your teeth when you try to hard mew?

15. Do you mainly use the muscle located under your chin (Genioglossus muscle) when you soft mew or try to hard mew?

16. Does your hyoid bone lift up (Palatoglossus muscles is contracted= back third is engaged) when you hard mew?

D. Chewing/Eating

17. Do you eat hard/chewy foods?

18. Do you chew hard gum?

19. Do you over chew gums (more than 1 hour)?

20. Do you keep your mouth closed or partly open during chewing?

21. Do you chew evenly on both sides of your mouth?

22. Do you remain upright and making sure that your chin is slightly tucked when you chew your food?

23. Do you chew your food thoroughly before you swallow it?

E. Swallowing

24. Do you practice the cheesy smile swallow?

25. Do you suck your palate when you swallow?

26. Do you use your buccinator muscles (cheeks muscles) when you swallow?

27. Do you make sure that you don't use any of your facial muscle when you swallow?

28. Do you make sure that your teeth remain in contact or slightly apart during swallowing?

29. Do you remain upright and making sure that your chin is slightly tucked when you swallow your food?

30. Do you drink from a straw?

31. Do you practice tongue cleaning after finishing your meal?

F. Extra

32. Are you trying to mew with braces/removable retainers on?

33. Is your fat level less than 15% for male or 21% for female?

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