Can you answer a quiz about those little apps we all install on our phones?

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Which of these mobile apps provides a simple way to exchange information  through proximity sensors?

Name the app that redefined the ‘To-Do List’ genre for mobile apps by dispensing of any buttons within the app, instead using gestures and flicks to get things done.

Which of these was one of the original location-based social networking apps for mobile?

Which of these is a deal-of-the-day website that became one of the most successful mobile apps of all time and gave the company a valuation of $1.35 billion?

Originally founded as Hungry Machine in 2007 which of these is a popular mobile daily deals apps?

Humming, singing or playing a recorded track in to which of these mobile apps will help you identify a song?

Which of these is a mobile cookery apps was named Editors Choice by Apple in nine countries?

Name the mobile app that allows users to add different custom themes and wallpapers to their mobile devices.

Name the mobile audio app that uses acoustic fingerprints to identify music tracks.

Name the mobile game where you have to seek and find objects amongst colourful collages built from thousands of tiny pictures.

Name the music based mobile game where users have to tap coloured balls when they reach a line at the bottom of the screen.

Name the pinboard style photo-sharing website that took off on mobile platforms.

Name the popular mobile game that recreates famous soccer goals from history?

Name the ultimate baddy in the mobile game ‘Infinity Blade’?

The mobile game 'Dumb Ways to Die' started as a video promoting safety on what?

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