Animated Movies

Everything about animated movies, from short cartoons to full length features.

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In which animated movie does Steve Carell play the role of Felonious Gru?

Which of the following is an animated movie?

In what Disney animated movie can you allegedly see the letters 'S-E-X' in a cloud of dust?

What Disney movie features a shot of a topless woman behind a pair of animated mice?

Which company made the 1991 animated movie, 'Beauty And The Beast'?

What martial art did Jack Black's Panda use in the animated movie?

Which of these was the first feature-length computer animated movie?

Bob Parr is a leading character, and head of the family, in which animated movie?

Elijah Wood voices Mumble in which animated movie?

Geppetto is a leading character in which animated movie?

Gru is the super-villain in which animated movie?

What was the name of the main character of the cartoon 'King of the Hill'?

Jim Hawkins is the leading character in which animated movie?

Mike Wazowski is a one-eyed character in which animated movie?

Monstropolis is the setting for which animated movie?

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