Cartoons and animated movies are what are put to the test here.

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Which of these animated movies was released first?

Can You Feel the Love Tonight' came from which animated movie?

Which 2008 animated movie had a record (tying) 6 Oscar nominations?

Which 1991 animated movie was the first to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar?

Which of the following is an animated movie?

Which animated movie villain wore a black dress and long coat of Dalmatian-spotted fur?

Lightning McQueen is the main character in which animated movie?

Mr. and Mrs. Parr and Elastigirl appear in which animated movie?

Antananarivo is the captial of which country, made famous by an animated movie?

Which animated movie is set in the Valley of Peace?

Which of these animated movies was released in 2003?

"Fish are friends not food" comes from which animated movie?

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