Animals Quiz 4

Think you know about the animals who share our planet? Prove it!

Knowledge quiz
Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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What animal is the closest living relative to the T-Rex?

What are baby goats called?

What are baby kangaroos called?

What are female elephants called?

What are female sheep known as?

What area of the United Kingdom is known as an important breeding ground for seals?

What colour are Zebras?

What colour is associated with ladybirds?

What country is commonly associated with kangaroos?

What do Bison generally eat?

What do Llamas like to eat?

What do people most commonly feed ducks?

What do reptiles do?

What does the word 'binky' mean in reference to rabbits?

What does the word Dinosaur mean in Greek?

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