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AngioJet thrombectomy system for DVT

Let's check what do you remember about DVT treatment?

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What is true about DVT?

World Thrombosis Day takes place every year on 13 October in memory of all people died from PE.

What are 3 facts about AngioJet?

What is correct about AngioJet’s mechanism of action?

AngioJet in Power Pulse mode converts the AngioJet into an infusion device allowing a physician to deliver a medication directly into the thrombus.

Which AngioJet catheters have indication for venous?

What is correct about PEARL design?

What were PEARL Regestry objectives?

What are PEARL results?

Attract patient’s sub-analysis showed that early use of AJ for patients with iliofemoral DVT resulted in greater reduction in acute leg pain and swelling through 30 days follow-up and reduced PTS severity.

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